Self Portrait
Self Portrait
I was born, raised and live in Irvine, North Ayrshire, Scotland.
I studied Medical Illustration at Glasgow College of Building and Printing and Glasgow Caledonian University.
I fell in love with photography through the work of Steve Gullick in my teens and through using photography as a sketching tool at Kilmarnock College. I had dreams of being a painter but they were not to be.
I have been a practicing medical photographer for ten years. In this time I have won numerous awards for my work, finally achieving gold at the 2012 Institute of Medical Illustrators annual awards. The same image is now part of the Wellcome Trust collection.
I also entered the image into the selection process for the Royal Photographic Society's 100 Best Images of Science Exhibition, a biannual event that selects the best images from the world of science for a touring exhibition. To my delight it was accepted and is now part of the exhibition that is touring Britain and mainland Europe including the Newcastle Science Festival and the Royal Albert Hall in London.
My personal work use to involve a lot of music and gig photography. I played bass in a couple of bands so it was hard to tell what I enjoyed more, playing gigs or shooting them. It turns out it was always shooting them.
In my most recent work I have been looking at landscapes and portraiture.
I am interested in how Ayrshire is coping with post-industrialism and how it plans to progress in an uncertain future.
My other main project is 'O'erspill', a collection of photographs from the estate I have lived in most of my life, Bourtreehill/Broomlands. In this series I have used film, image shot on phones, and DSLR photography to build a unique portrait of this area and the people that live here.
I live in Bourtreehill with my long suffering partner Kimberley and my daughter Amelie. We have no pets at time of writing.